Since 1930

Lido Hotel is a part of Phoenicia Hotels and it is a page in the history of Bucharest. The building was designed and made in the smallest details by a famous architect of the interwar period, Ernest Doneaud. The architecture of the building which is situated in the heart of “Little Paris”, on Magheru Boulevard, is embedded in the modernist current with Art Deco elements, which gives it unique beauty and unmatched historical value.

The luxury, elegance and the good taste of those times are the most important characteristics that we relied on when we created and decorated the spaces in our hotel. If you are looking for a place that offers quick access to the main attractions or if you want to get faster to any part of the city we are the perfect choice for you.

At Lido by Phoenicia we value the quality of services and we want our guests to feel like home.


Phoenicia Hotels' Standards

1. Quality Services
We like to understand our guests in order to offer them the services that they need at the highest standards, both in terms of endowments and staff.
2. Unforgettable moments
Over the years we learned that people remember the way you make them feel and because of that we want every single guest that crosses our threshold to spend unforgettable moments with the help of our team.
3. Continuous development
Times change, people's needs change and that is why we constantly strive to meet even the most pretentious guests.
4. Creativity
We always want to surprise our guests with something new and for that reason, creativity is one of the most important values of our team.